Louie Bello

Louie Bello

Louie Bello – Emcee


Louie Bello has been singing, recording, and entertaining for the past 18 years. He is well known throughout New England and on the national stage, having performed at festivals such as Milwaukie Mile of Music Fest, Boston Fest, Red Gorilla Festival, and SXSW. His style is country/R&B and he has performed in venues from Boston and New York to Nashville and London. Louie has written and performed with dozens of national recording artists, placing songs on major networks such as ESPN, MTV, and ABC. Louie’s latest single, “Rescue Me” was just named “music with a purpose” by US Weekly Magazine, while his summer release “Got It Bad” recently reached over 240,000 streams on Spotify. He has won multiple Boston music awards for his live show and recently finished a European tour for his upcoming album. With over 46,000 fans on Instagram, Louie is continuing to take over the 2022 world music scene. With his large personality, world-wide experience, and welcoming demeanor, Louie is sure to make your party a huge success!

When Louie’s not entertaining, you will find him on the ice shooting pucks with his teammates or putting his pencil to a sketch pad.

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