Cocktail Hour:  Add a live duo, trio, pianist, violinist or jazz ensemble to any of the above packages to enhance your cocktail hour, or ceremony. 

Premier Sound Package:  Includes one professional Disc Jockey to play music for duration of event in one room, including cocktail hour.  Disc Jockey will be equipped with an extensive music library and high quality sound system.  

Premier Sound & Entertainment Package:  Same as package above but also includes one interactive, high energy MC to make special announcements, help maintain flow for the evening and motivate dancing.  

Event Enhancements

Fusion:  Add a live percussion and horn to any of the above packages.  Our live, talented musicians play along with your favorite recorded music to add the warm feel of a band.

Private Dance Instruction:  Add one or more private dance lessons prior to your event to gain confidence on the dance floor.  One of our certified dance instructors will come to your home and prepare you for your big day by teaching you dance moves as basic or advanced as you choose.  Instructors will base lessons around whatever musical preferences you have for your event.

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Bravo, Katlin and Travers. You were great to work with, and I appreciated all your assistance in getting everything prepared. In addition, your team from Northern Lights was professional and had a great eye for set up detail, and were done in under an hour. Very impressive!
ElisaCreative CelebrationsKernwood Country Club